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This Workshop Is Best Fit For

Beginners - Like Students, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Job Professionals, Self Employed, Housewives, etc.

Who doesn’t have any idea of the stock market & trading industry…

But wants to learn & kick-start their trading journey using the right guidance & knowledge that is proven to be effective & save them from future losses.

Even if you’re starting from absolute scratch, this workshop is designed in a way that is 100% helpful for you.

Traders - Like Mid-Level Traders, Investors, Stock Market Practitioners, etc.

Who has a basic or good idea about the stock market & trading industry…

But wants to know new strategies and techniques to boost their existing returns & avoid losses.

Who are looking to level up their game in the stock market & multiply their income from it in the least time possible.


Those who have good knowledge about the stock market trading & have been doing it for a long time now, but want to earn more profits, avoid losses, and trade more efficiently.

Who are looking for some advanced techniques & strategies that will boost their trading results & win big.

Winning In The Stock Market Is Not Rocket Science

Thousands of people are making limitless amounts of money by trading in the stock market & are taking away their profits at home.

You too can do the same if you’re on the right path followed by strategies that work & trading techniques that never fail to make money in return!!!

And that’s what exactly I am going to share with you inside the “Ant Retail Investor Alliance Club”

where I will be revealing the exact roadmap to get the maximum amount of returns & be in the top 1% of traders, no matter what stage you are in right now!

What You’ll Learn In This Workshop

Look At the results its our student's has been able to generate with us

What You’ll Learn Inside The Workshop

Basics Of Stock Market

Understanding the stock market, its working & how you can start making profits from your investment

Start Your Trading Journey

Opening your trading account so you can start buying & selling stocks.
Hereafter you can implement strategies to win at stock market

Intraday / Future & Options

How to trade with Intraday trading & future & options.
Getting better understanding at Nifty/Sensex


Learn how to track the stocks & gain maximum profits by proper journaling the data

Pro Trading Strategy

  • Indicators
  • Order Block
  • Risk Reward
  • Profit Formula

How To Generate Income From Stock Market

Revealing the strategies & steps to win big at stock market

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The Young
The Old
The Teen

Meet Your Trainer

Saurabh Mukherjea

I remember the time when my father lost his job 5 years back and all of a sudden things started becoming worse. I wanted to take responsibility for my family and provide for them, but I was still in college. However, I didn’t let that excuse stop me & I decided to work part-time in a call center but the money I used to earn wasn’t fair enough for the time & effort I spent.

I realized that I need more to fulfill my needs & one day luckily I got introduced to the stock market by one of my friends. I got curious about it & saw 100’s of videos on youtube related to the stock market in my free time.

Then I decided to invest some money in the stock market and gradually it worked for me and I gained a good profit. Many times I lost money & made a good income too… But all this made me realize what works & what doesn’t!

And after 3 years of learning & implementing the strategies in this industry, I am pretty sure & confident enough to help anyone who wants to grow & multiply their income with the stock market.

No gimmicks, no gambling… Instead, a proven way that worked for me & will also work for you.

Hence I decided to start teaching people about the stock market so they too can fulfill their financial needs & live their dream life.

Till now more than 10,000 students have highly benefited from my teachings so far… And I invite you to this “Traders MegaMind” Workshop to kickstart your trading journey!!!

Discover what it takes to build a strong foundation before you get started on the most fulfilling journey of your life. Understand and break the limiting beliefs and myths that hold you back from succeeding at trading and investing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I join the workshop?

    You can join from your desktop or your mobile phone using a dedicated link shared on your email, once you register for the workshop.
  • Will I get the recording of the workshop?

    No, we expect you to be there and experience the learning in real-time.
  • Will you be starting with basics or do we need to have some knowledge about trading?

    We will be starting right from zero level & advanced level right up to implementation level so that it becomes easy for you. 
  • Will it be in English or Hindi or both?

    It will be a mix of Hindi plus English language so that everybody can take advantage of the same.
  • Will I get reminders before the workshop begins?

    Yes, you will be reminded 1 hour before the workshop via email & SMS.
  • Can I ask questions during the workshop?

    Yes! We will have a dedicated FAQ Session to clear anyone's doubts.